The International Language “PLUS”

International Language PLUS provides everything you need to learn and live your new language and culture. We believe the responsibility for your learning rests with your teacher, which drives our motivation to deliver you a robust learning program full of value.

At International Language PLUS, we are committed to helping you learn your new international language, PLUS the following:

  • “Real world” Practical Application with active coaching and encouragement from our teachers helps you learn new customs and lifestyles so you feel comfortable and respond correctly in a new culture. 
  • Your Lessons are Customized to your preferred learning environment and setting, with the ILP team adapting to your liking. You can choose to learn in groups, privately and even online from the comfort of your home or office. 
  • You get Unbeatable Value from your teachers with a complete hour of teaching in every lesson instead of the typical 45-50 minutes other companies give in order to squeeze more students in per teacher. That’s 33% more teaching, free!
  • You will Share Local Life with the ILP team and our community. You will have dinner in our homes, make new friends and explore the city to make Cincinnati feel like home.

We are committed at International Language PLUS to ensure you receive everything you need to accomplish your language-learning goals in order to succeed and thrive. Feel free to call founder and president Sandra Roberts at +1 (513) 791-9293 or email now so we can serve you with the PLUS you deserve.