Standard Foreign Language Courses

In our Standard Language Courses, you will receive the same individualized care, attention, and planning as in our Intensive Foreign Language.

  • Our Standard Language Courses are perfect for busy people who need a more flexible schedule
  • Each one-on-one lesson of our Standard Language Courses is a minimum of 2 hours long and can be arranged as many times per week as you prefer, based on your goals, time, and budget

ILP’s Teaching Sessions are Always a Full 60 Minutes

Part of the International Language “PLUS” is to provide you with unsurpassed value. Every ILP teaching session includes an entire hour of instruction, rather than the 45 or 50 minutes many other schools provide.

Getting Started with our Standard Foreign Language Course

Before you begin your course, we will talk with you to understand your needs and plan a schedule that accommodates your availability. Our highly-qualified, native-fluent teacher who will assess your level and meet with the Program Manager to design a program that meets your individual needs.

ILP’s Standard Foreign Language Courses Give You Results

  • Gain confidence in your ability to speak and understand your new language
  • Learn your target language as it is spoken in daily conversation
  • Role play typical conversations to increase listening skills and vocabulary
  • Apply new grammar and idioms during conversation in class
  • Improve pronunciation through practice both during and after class
  • Study the  customs and culture of your target language

Is Our Standard Foreign Language Course the Best for You?

If ILP’s Standard Foreign Language Course meets your needs, or if you have any questions about which course is best for you, please call us at +1 (513) 791-9293 or email It is our pleasure to help you select a course and get started with learning your new language and culture, to help you accomplish your goals.