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A school is its teachers

Do we have proven methods of teaching new languages? Yes.

Have we made a science of language training? We have indeed.

Do we have a track record of success in helping business people deal with cross-cultural communications? Absolutely.

What sets us apart from every other language school is our people.

But what sets us apart from every other language school is our team. From the creative planners who design our customized programs to our native-fluent instructors, we have assembled an educational staff unparalleled in our industry. Our instructors all have degrees, and their international experience makes them uniquely prepared to relate to the students in their language-learning process.

Language learning is more than just learning how to communicate. It's learning new customs and lifestyles. It's learning how to feel comfortable and respond correctly in a new culture. ILP will help you meet all of these challenges.

We know that life doesn't stop when the office closes. And our teachers don't stop when the book closes. Helping students feel comfortable in social situations outside the classroom is another way we help reinforce the total language learning experience. It's one of the many "pluses" that make International Language Plus the school that provides the language experience you are looking for.