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Standard English Course

In our Standard English Course, your teacher will use the same tested method as in our Intensive English Course and give you the same individualized care and attention.

Getting started:

Our Program Manager will meet with you to:

After receiving this information, we will design a program to fit your individual needs and set a schedule that is convenient for you.

Each one-on-one session lasts at least 2 hours and can be scheduled 1, 2, 3 times a week or more depending on your goals, time, and budget.

Our teaching hour lasts a full 60 minutes.

We believe in value. That is why every ILP teaching hour offers a full hour of instruction, not the 45 or 50 minutes you may find at some schools. Add up those extra minutes over the period of a typical language course and you come out with a bonus of many hours in learning time at International Language Plus.

In our Standard English Course, you will: