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Intensive English Course

School of Language, Cincinnati Ohio The goal of our Intensive English Course is to help you develop your ability to communicate and express ideas clearly and accurately. We will help you speak with confidence and develop a more productive work relationship with colleagues and customers.

Our Blue Ash, Ohio location, in the Heart of America, guarantees that you will be completely immersed in accent-free, pure English, with many opportunities outside of class to hear and speak English, as well as observe American customs and culture.

Our Intensive English Course combines concentrated one-on-one instruction with a curriculum designed to meet your specific needs. You will study up to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for one or more weeks.

Based on your individual needs, field trips to local shops and businesses will be arranged to give you an opportunity to use newly acquired language skills.

School of Language, Cincinnati Ohio A team of highly-qualified teachers will work with you to give you an opportunity to hear different pronunciation and speaking styles. The use of a variety of techniques ensures that you will have fun along the way.

ILP's Intensive English Course provides: