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ILP’s Global Business English course offers the same customized approach as our Standard and Intensive English courses and will give you the same PERSONALIZED care and attention. Our teachers are flexible, knowledgeable, and will prepare you to develop your business English skills to reach your specific goals.

Getting started:

Our Program Manager will meet with you to:

  • EVALUATE your current English level.
  • DISCUSS your interests and goals.
  • UNDERSTAND how you will use English.
  • After receiving this information, we will arrange a convenient schedule and design an action plan to ensure you reach your goals.

    Each one-on-one session lasts at least 2 hours and can be scheduled 1, 2, 3 times a week or more, depending on your goals, available time, and budget.

    In our GLOBAL BUSINESS ENGLISH course, you will:

  • BUILD your business vocabulary through a variety of methods
  • EXPAND your communication skills by practicing common situations such as using the phone, setting appointments, and making introductions
  • IMPROVE your ability to participate in meetings, give presentations, write effective emails, and much more
  • DEVELOP your ability to discuss complex issues related to your work
  • LEARN American customs to help you relax and give you confidence in a variety of social and business situations
  • RECEIVE regular progress reports monitored by our Program Manager that will give you expert feedback on your progress and answer questions that come up along the way