Global Business English Course

The International Language PLUS Business English Course is a program designed to help you communicate in your specific industry and conduct business in English.  This course offers the same customized approach as our Standard and Intensive English courses and provides the same personalized care and attention. Your teacher will be flexible, knowledgeable, and will prepare you to develop your business English skills to reach your specific goals.

Understanding Your Global English Needs

Before you begin the course, ILP’s Program Manager will meet with you to customize your course according to your needs.  The assessment includes:

  • An evaluation of  your current English level
  • A discussion of your interests and goals related to business communication 
  • A discussion of your specific needs related to communicating at your job

Your Customized Business English Course

Convenient Schedule

With your customized course developed, you and your teacher will meet together in one-on-one sessions of at least two hours each, scheduled one or more times each week, depending on your goals, available time, and budget. 

Focus of Your Business English Course

In this course you will improve your ability to: 

  • Increase your business vocabulary and knowledge of common business idioms
  • Improve your ability to communicate well in common business situations
  • Develop your ability to discuss topics related to your work 
  • Improve business writing skills for emails, reports, and presentations
  • Learn American customs so that you have the knowledge and confidence to build business relationships

At any time during your course, you may ask questions and share your feedback with your teacher and the Program Manager to improve your understanding or update your goals. Throughout your course, you will receive regular progress reports and expert feedback from your teacher and our Program Manager.

To begin your custom Global Business English Course or ask any questions you may have, please feel free to call +1 (513) 791-9293 or email We look forward to helping you with your global business needs.