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Endorsements & Testimonials

Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce: ILP Only Language School

“Mrs. Iwamoto is a great instructor who pays attention to the details. I wish I could take her with me to continue my Japanese studies.”
Nicole Nielsen
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, N.A. 

“I think International Language Plus is really excellent. The people who work here are wonderful. They are incredible.”
Roger Lopez
Procter & Gamble

“I greatly appreciate all of your support. As a result of that, I achieved my targeted TOEIC score.”
Keiko Iwashige, Mgr.
Ethicon-Endo Surgery Japan

Johnson & Johnson

“After four weeks taking English classes in your school, I would like to thank you for your extraordinary hospitality and good work. Frankly I couldn’t expect more. ILP has the relaxed and professional ambiance I was looking for.”
Paulo Giovanni, President

“I highly recommend International Language PLUS as a place to begin or build upon another language. Their flexibility, the atmosphere, and the people equal a rich, productive learning experience.”
Dr. Delane A. Bender-Slack
Xavier University

“The teacher is doing an excellent job. She easily adapts to our requests and needs. Lessons are interesting and very helpful.”
Alan Masters
Procter & Gamble

“The friendly and constructive learning atmosphere at ILP and the helpful attitude of the staff members always inspired me.” 
Rolf Kettner, Ph.D.
Henkel – Cognis

“Excellent program – Mrs. Kim is an outstanding teacher who is passionate about getting students to really learn.”
Greg Morrow
Procter & Gamble

“My answers to your questionnaire don’t express fully the pleasure I’ve had from my lessons. Your teacher was excellent with a very good technical preparation and a great human behavior.”
Laura Confalonieri
NCR Corporation, an AT&T Company                               

“The International Language Plus methods of teaching give students comfort and confidence of conversing with Americans in a short period of time. I would highly recommend this school to any individual learning English as a second language.”
Kiyoshi Takahashi, President
Weastec Inc.                               

“Since our company was established in greater Cincinnati, we have relied on International Language Plus for English training for our Japanese employees and their families. We have seen great results. I highly recommend International Language Plus.”
Yasuo Iwamoto
Former President
Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America Inc.                            

“ILP was the only language school that offered one-on-one lessons, eight hours a day, five days a week. My experience was most exceptional. The location was just what I was looking for. The Midwest accent is the most widely accepted accent…It is a good balance of city life and its beautiful green neighborhoods make it an ideal city for learning the English language. The commerce, entertainment, leisure, and the variety of religions are also typical of the American lifestyle. I knew I had come to the right place. The owner Sandra and her staff made me feel welcome, comfortable, and at home. They often took me to different areas of the city even on their own time. The staff and teachers are well trained and motivated to give students the highest level of learning.” 
Hitoshi Bekki
Japan Tobacco Inc.

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